MMA brand was born in 2012 on American grounds, following generations of entrepreneurs who’ve accomplished great things. MMA founded by Djibril Gibson Kagni. Gibson is an International multi-platinum record producer and songwriter. There has been nothing but dedication and passion, which only translates to the product we put out. MMA is a lifestyle brand for men and women, fuelled by confidence, attitude and strength. MMA’s eclectic style has been well embraced over the years by worlds of entertainment, fitness and fashion.

MMA is expanding into new markets and continues to serve completely unique product, for individuals with chic. When designing for man, we aim to accentuate strength, promote brotherhood and reward determination. For our ladies collection, it is to empower women through mind, body and spirit.MMA is a movement. MMA is for entrepreneurs and for those who enjoy the good things in life: beautiful woman, the arts, modified cars and bikes, music and sports. MMA promote having a bold attitude with whatever you aim to accomplish.